Dra. Morna Macleod

Consultancy Work


Morna Macleod has experience in the analysis and accompaniment of organisations and social development processes in Guatemala, Chile, Mexico (Oaxaca and Chiapas), and to a lesser degree in Honduras and Belize, in relation to indigenous peoples, gender, human rights, local power, sustainable development and popular education, in both rural and urban areas. She has worked in national Latin American research and human rights organisations and in international aid agencies. In her work, she has developed relations with community organisations, local and national NGOs, social organisations (campesino, indigenous, trade union and women’s organisations), religious groups and international NGOs. She has experience and is interested in developing methodologies and strategies for working with women and indigenous peoples, including the areas of institutional and organisational strengthening, and sustainable development from their perspectives (as women and/or as indigenous peoples). She also has experience in research, and in documenting and learning from experience (“sistematización”), aiming to promote professional work at once accessible to local groups. She has experience in communicating Latin American realities to countries in the North, and in networking (promoting contact, communication, exchange of experience, access to resources, training, etc.) between groups both nationally and internationally.

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